About Candent Captial


Since its launch, Candent Capital has evolved from an "investment first" approach to a “happiness first" approach.

Our mission is to bring happiness by helping clients build financial resources that enable them to pursue what is most important to them.

We focus on happiness because it elevates the purpose of investing and financial planning.

How We Serve You


You recognize the importance of planning, saving, and investing. Yet, you  lack the time, inspiration, or energy to devote to your personal finances. Maybe it is time to give your finances the care and attention that it deserves?

We launched Candent to guide you every step of the way in your financial life. We remove the obstacles to your goals by simplifying the complexities of your finances. Candent does the heavy lifting, so you gain more time to enjoy your life. 

We put ourselves in your shoes by serving you as we would ourselves. Our advice should be objective and personalized. The goal is for us to be hands-on, dedicated to you, and be there to support you at every financial step. 

Focus on enjoying life while having a greater feeling of security and confidence with a long-term relationship with Candent.

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”
–  James Taylor

Our Founder



I have been involved in economics and financial services since college and have never looked back. It’s enabled me to apply my interests in studying market behavior and financial modeling to help people achieve their potential.

I changed directions after two decades of doing  investment strategy and economic research on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C. In 2009, I  was newly wed to Pam and  was eager to join her on the west coast  and call San Francisco my home. I started looking to do something different in the next chapter of my career.

During this time, I had many trips flying cross-country to be a caregiver for ill family members on both coasts. They were draining, but I was more energized by the fulfillment in taking care of them. Pam’s suggestion that I become a healthcare advocate intrigued me, and it led me to the idea of being a financial advocate. Starting Candent became clear since the role of financial advocate didn’t really exist. 

Staying in the financial world would allow me to provide care by sharing my experiences, training, and long-standing interests. I want to build on what I’ve learned. I have a MBA in finance from Columbia University, a CFA charterholder, and a CFP® professional. The learning continued through more research and advising investors as an economist and stock strategist covering different markets. The experiences helping clients navigate the booms and busts periods for US bonds, US and emerging market stocks, and private equity were eye opening. 

I’m grateful for having the training and unique experiences in the institutional financial world. I want to translate that knowledge to serve you and your family.  

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