Let's Make Work Optional

We show you how through comprehensive financial planning and investment management

“Most People Spend A Lifetime Working To Make Money. Instead, Make Your Money Work For You.”

– Bill Kan

Making sense of money is in itself a full-time job. Much of your time is already devoted to your actual full-time job. It is no surprise that money is one of the top causes of anxiety and stress. This is where we come in. It is our full-time job.

Candent helps you gain clarity about your money, wealth and your lifestyle, and how all these pieces fit together. Our holistic planning process helps you connect your today with your tomorrow while bringing complexities such as taxes, insurance, and tradeoffs needed to make your goals a reality. Oh yes, life happens and presents surprises that can throw plans off course.

What our process does is let us guide you on how to make your money work for you so you can grow your wealth. Making money work for you is simple to say, but not always simple to do. Start by saving. Invest the savings in something that is expected to increase in value. Finally let time do its magic with compounding to grow savings into meaningful wealth. Give time a chance to work for you.

At Candent, investment management goes beyond the rudimentary routine that is common. We are active in managing risk, aligning your portfolio to your needs, reviewing opportunities that can be beneficial, harvesting losses and gains for tax efficiency, managing distribution strategies, anticipating liquidity events, and more.

Most importantly, we support you through 

your financial journey

We will be your ...


Education is our principal strategy for helping you make well-informed financial decisions. We’ll go beyond the boring textbook discussions and dive into your real life experience.


We remove obstacles in personal finances by translating the financial jargon. Other languages that we speak are investments, economics, business, and Cantonese.


As your coach, we’ll guide you along your financial journey. We help you gain clarity and make informed decisions that increase your chances of success as you define it. We can’t predict the future, but can prepare for it.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is simple, but not easy. It addresses the three phases of wealth – Build, Enjoy, and Distribute Wealth. It is simple because it boils down to living within your means, saving, and maintaining sensible investments suited to your goals over the long-term.

Wealth management is easier said than done. Life usually gets in the way. Taxes, rules, and regulations about money add complexity. Successful wealth management also requires time, energy, and discipline. Most people spend a lifetime working to make money. Instead, make your money work for you. 

At Candent, we believe our ongoing wealth management process will allow you to spend more time enjoying the fruits of your work on your terms and being in a position to take care of your loved ones and what matters to you.

The cost of ongoing wealth management starts at a quarterly rate of 0.2% of assets under management or a minimum that starts at $950 for assets up to $1 million . The quarterly fee declines for higher tiers of assets under management. The minimum fee depends on complexity and the depth of services.

Wealth management integrates ongoing comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

Financial Consulting

For people who do not desire ongoing wealth management, we offer financial consulting to address specific financial planning topics or the one-time creation of a financial plan.

The cost of consulting is based on an hourly rate of $380 plus expenses, if applicable. The minimum consulting engagement is three hours.

Make them S.M.A.R.T. You gain clarity when goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. It guides what you need to do, how you should do it, when when. “If you don’t know where you are going, you may end up somewhere else” a quote often attributed to the wise Yogi Berra.

We help you see the possibilities and coordinating your different sources of income such as Social Security, annuities, pensions in addition to stock compensation, investment property, or being an entrepreneur.

We specialize in building robust investment portfolios tailored to your needs, cirumstances, and values. The portfolio allows you to achieve and maintain your long-term financial goals and allows. We keep “both hands on the wheel” in managing the portfolio so you can sleep at night. To keep you abreast of your investments, we describe how we manage your portfolio in your Investment Policy Statement and what we did in quarterly portfolio reviews. We also provide monthly updates of how you are doing and what we are thinking in monthly commentaries. Our investment philosophy is centered diversification to management risk, low costs and tax-efficiency to maximize returns that you keep after paying taxes and fees. We are agnostic between active and passive management, because neither works all the time. Investors usually have better investment experience with sensible strategies that they will stick with over time.

Multi-generational planning is an integrated approach to build and use your wealth for your children, future generations, and care for your elders. We engage you as the client and your children, future generations, and elders as your beneficiaries in discussions on your intentions and their expectations about your values, wealth of knowledge, and financial assets.

We work with you and your your tax professional to minimize your taxes over your lifetime with the goal of growing and preserving your wealth. Taxes are complex. Tax-related decisions should not be made in isolation without considering the broader goal of growing and maintaining your wealth.

Find your balance between enjoying your life today and in retirement. Our strategies on spending, income, and account withdrawals are targeted to make work optional so you can enjoy retirement on your terms.

Gives peace of mind when something unexpected happens. While we do not accept commissions or sales related compensation, we will work with your insurance professional to ensure you have proper and adquate coverage. Protection goes beyond buying insurance. At Candent, protection means educating and helping you make smart decisions about other areas of your financial life to allay concerns the rising costs of healthcare or running out of money in retirement.

Enables you to make financial decisions today about the impact you want to make with your wealth. We can help facilitate important family discussions that connect you with future generations about your wealth, legacy, and philanthropy.

What you can expect with Candent?

Wealth management is an ongoing process. It starts with our listening and making sure we hear your issues. We want to know you, your values, purpose and priorities.

From there, we get orgainzed to understand where you are now. What resources are available to acheive your goals. What are the constraints.

Then we get to do the fun part. We talk about your dreams, talk about what’s possible. We do get more serious with some reality checks. We prioritize your long-term goals and set SMART milestones along the way.

From there, we roll up our sleeves to come up with your action plan to make those milestones that turn your goals into realities.

Life has a way of not going according to plan. We’ll be ready to make adjustments to get back on track.

First Year of Wealth Management with Candent

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1 Actual cost will depend on complexity.
2. Portfolio reviews do not include recommendations to buy or sell specific securities. Please inquire about Wealth Management for assistance with portfolio construction and security selection.