How We Do It

The tenets that form the basis for the advice that we give our clients include the following:

The Thinker

Do No Harm
Invest with common sense supported by an investment thesis based on research, not blind faith or an overly complex basis that obscures.

Prepare for Luck
A disciplined, well-reasoned investment process helps increase chances to capitalize on opportunities when they come.The process protects investors from emotions and whims that distract.

Be Consistent & Regular
Investment strategies should be consistent with the investor’s purpose, needs and risk tolerance. A regular program of reviews, updates and portfolio rebalancing help keep personal savings on track to address needs.

Play to Win
Strategies that lower investment expenses and taxes can boost returns and enhance wealth without adding market risk.

Asset allocation is an important component of long-term portfolio returns and risk management. Although not perfect all the time, diversification improves the likelihood of investment success over the long-term.

Use Time & Liquidity
Patience and ability to invest long-term can be beneficial in times of short-term volatility. They are advantages that individual investors have over many institutional investors.

Actively Control Risk
Higher returns are typically associated with higher risk. For long term success, take risk when appropriate and warranted and avoid permanent impairments to the value of the portfolio.

Be Skeptical
Change is constant. We actively monitor our investments, review investment objectives and stress test , assumptions to see if they are consistent and make portfolio adjustments are warranted.