Candent demands excellence in how it helps clients with financial planning and investment management. The mission is to protect your investments and grow your savings for your financial wellness. We believe every person is unique and our financial plans and investment strategies cater to your circumstances. There is no one-size fits all approach.

Financial Planning Philosophy – Liquidity, Sustainability and Simplicity

There are many facets to financial planning. It can be summarized as the process of helping you build and enjoy your wealth, and leaving a legacy in a way that is tailored to your needs. On a practical level, Candent can help you manage liquidity so they can access their savings when they need it. We help you achieve a happy and sustainable living standard by helping you make your financial resources work harder for you.

Planning at Candent involves all aspects of your financial life, today, tomorrow and the future. We do a comprehensive analysis of income, saving, spending, investments, liabilities, insurance, personalities and preferences to identify where you are today. We work together to understand your needs, wants and wishes so we can develop your road map for tomorrow and the future. Life is full of surprises, and the plan will inevitably change. We help you prepare by making your personal finances as simple as possible, but no more simple.

Investment Philosophy – Long-term Investing and Risk Control

Portfolio construction involves employing investment strategies that are expected to generate returns that are in tune with client needs. What matters is an appropriate strategy for your needs. A well fitted strategy is one that you can stay committed to using throughout good and bad investment periods. From experience and our research, we learned that there is no one investment technique or style that works all the time. What worked in the past may not work in the future. There will be periods of ups and downs and when one approach works better than another.

We believe the route to success is paved with making well informed decision to control for what you can control. How the market will behave is not one of the things you can control. What you can control are decisions on costs, taxes and risk. Less costs and taxes mean more returns that you keep. All else equal, less risk should mean better sleep for you. Our job is to help you build a portfolio that aims to deliver long-term returns that you need, after costs and taxes, with the least risk.

Risk Controls – Portfolio Management and Education

Candent is proactive in risk control. It ranges from using building diversified portfolios and using a regular rebalancing program. We also seek to make portfolio adjustments as needed to reduce the impact of situations that may have a lasting negative effect on the value of your portfolio. Active risk management also includes educating clients about their situation and mutual understanding between Candent and its clients about their tolerance, need and capacity for risk.

Transparency and Institutional Rigor

Candent partners with each of its investment management clients to establish an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). It sets the guidelines for how portfolio assets will be managed, client risk tolerance and assigns roles among other things. The IPS is a tool used by many institutional investors that serves as a cornerstone to implement and maintain a sound investment strategy. Clients choose their custodian, where they have direct access to their accounts.

Time Tested Principles

Candent’s investment management philosophy is research driven and evidenced based as opposed to investment dogma. What matters are the economic environment and time-tested investment fundamentals such as earnings, cash flow, balance sheets, management, growth, expectations and valuation. Ultimately, what determines returns are the price paid for an asset and the market price afterwards. Securities with “good” fundamentals may be bad investments and those with “bad” fundamental may be good investments.