Why Candent

Bill Kan, CFA founded Candent Capital in 2012 in memory of his father and mother-in-law. ┬áLike them, Bill’s greatest satisfaction comes from sharing and helping people. Bill founded Candent to serve clients with his passion for investments and economics, which he has done professionally as a researcher and advisor on Wall Street and at the Fed for over 20 years. Candent offers its clients the detailed levels of attention and scrutiny on costs, expected returns and risk controls that is typically reserved for institutional investors and is less common for individual investors.

Serve in Best Interest of Clients

As a fiduciary, Candent provides advice that serve in the best interests of clients. It takes a holistic approach to address client needs and will help clients consider investment options that best fit their situation. Candent will ask questions like the ones that we asked as researchers or were asked by institutional investors charged with managing investment portfolios. By scrutinizing assumptions, investment theses and methods, Candent aims to flush out potential risks and to identify investment opportunities.

Broad Asset Class Experience

Bill brings to Candent over two decades experience in investment research and advising investors that range from individuals, business, government officials and institutional money managers. His background provides a valuable perspective when assisting clients in the development of an investment portfolio and wealth management plan. Bill has published articles in academic and trade journals that range from US small cap stocks, private equity, global emerging market stocks, the US Treasury bond market and the US economy.