About Us

Candent Capital provides investment management and financial planning services to individuals, families and professionals nationwide from our base in San Francisco. Candent is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the State of California.

How we do it at Candent is characterized by our attention to having:

One Focus

Clients come first. Our focus is to serve the unique financial needs of each our clients.


Our commitment is to treat clients with the same care and diligence that we would wish for ourselves. 


We tailor our financial advice and investment strategies for clients today, tomorrow and the future

Protect Investments, Grow Savings

The purpose of Candent is to help clients protect their investments and grow their savings so they can achieve financial wellness. Bill Kan, CFA, the founder of Candent, believes that wellness allows people to enjoy their interests with confidence in knowing they have the resources to support their endeavors.

Serve in the Best Interests of Clients

Bill founded Candent as an RIA, which have the higher governing standard to serve in the best interest of clients. In contrast, many advisors follow the suitability standard. Candent provides clients with advice tailored to each client’s personal situation and the expertise growing from Bill’s 20+ year career in investment research on Wall Street and experience advising individuals, companies, government officials and institutional investors.

Honesty & Well-grounded Advice

Candent clients appreciate our high ethical standard and the well-grounded advice that is tailored to them. They want advice that they can use without concerns of excessive cost or conflicts of interest. They expect performance, risk-adjusted returns after-tax, and after-costs that provide resources so they can pursue their interests without concerns and with confidence.