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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Money touches every part of your life. Comprehensive financial planning allows you to be in control and knowledgable about your money and your future. 

Everything about your money is connected. We favor taking a comprehensive approach to financial planning because each decision affects others. Our process considers all pieces of your financial life and how they fit together. It’s not only about the numbers, but how they impact your lifestyle and your ability to do what matters to you.

Planning is preparing. Good planning improves your chances for success. It also improves your financial resilience so you can bounce back when life derails even the best-laid plans. That means taking into account your goals, your values, and your unique circumstances. It means making smart, well-informed decisions about your money that will lead to a more financially secure future.

Why Choose Candent?

Candent’s mission is to help clients succeed on their terms. Every aspect of our lives involves money in some shape or form. We specialize on the money side so you can focus on the life side.

Our job is to educate you about the many facets of your personal finances, help you make informed decisions, and take action to be successful.

As a client you entrust your savings to us and for us to act in your best interests. At Candent, this means educating you, recommending solutions and other professionals to address your needs even if it means hurting Candent’s own interests.

We provide uncompromised advice personalized to your needs and circumstances. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the reasons behind our recommendations.

We are fully committed to being fee-only because it allows us to be objective. We believe that we serve you best when our interests are aligned with yours, which is why clients are our only source of revenue. We do not sell financial products or do not accept commissions or have hidden fees.

We add value by giving you perspective from experience advising people on navigating market ups and downs across several asset classes, debt and liquidity management over the last three decades. We are among the few advisors that have made the commitment to hone investment and planning skills by becoming a CFA charterholder and is a CFP® professional.

Based in San Francisco, Candent is 100% virtual for your convenience and to save you time. We work with clients nationwide and always welcome the opportunity to meet in-person in San Francisco.

People We Serve

Professionals in Technology and Other STEM Fields

Based in San Francisco, we serve many families with stock compensation. Many also have investment real estate or small businesses.
Some are multi-generational families, balancing the needs of their children and their parents. They seek our help because they realize the demands on their time, energy, and inspiration to devote to their personal finances.

We specialize in retirement planning and helping families make informed decisions to achieve their definition of the American Dream. Candent is a virtual practice serving clients nationwide. We would be happy to meet in person in San Francisco, CA.

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Schedule a meeting with Bill Kan, MBA, CFA®, CFP®  below. 

Schedule A Consultation

Schedule a meeting with Bill Kan, MBA, CFA®, CFP®  below.